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Ecotech Greendome

The Greendome is a geodesic dome that can provide ideal conditions for optimal and accelerated plant growth. It is made from Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene (“ETFE”) which allows greater economic savings in construction costs as well as many advantages for operational efficiency. 

Aeroponic Growing System

EcoTech Aerotec‘s mission is to design and develop the most cost effective, highest yielding growing systems for the horticultural industry.

ETFE Pillow

The pneumatic ETFE pillow will be used to encapsulate our BioDomes, adding a number of beneficial characteristics. ETFE, compared to greenhouse glass, is 1% of the weight, transmits more light, and costs 24%-75% less to install.

Solid State Light Chip

An energy-saving hybrid cultivation system for plants that uses solar and artificial light sources. Artificial light is used at night, supplemented by solar light in the daytime. Capable of providing a stable quantity of light, the system also has an optional automatic light adjustment function.

Vertical Farming Cabinets

Eco Energy Tech is designing vertical farming cabinets to increase growing potential. In this design plantlets are placed at a forty-five degree angle to the rectangular cabinet, ideal for maximum natural sunlight absorption; and for artificial lighting regardless of light fixture positioning (horizontally above or vertically between rows).

Agrity Store

You think about opening your own Ecoenergy food store?

Please take the following advice into account:

Play according to the rules. „Business men have to be aware that there are national organic standards“ says Yui Chan, spokesperson of the Chinese National Food Industry Association in Shanghai, China. „